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Jonathon de Hadleigh
the Jester
600 yeare olde foole

The world's only authentic court jester resurecting
the jests, riddles and stories of past centuries,
recreating movements and laughter whilst
playing the foole.

26 Years Jester, Japemaster and Nobody's Fool


Captain Crazy
the Pirate

A roving or stand up show, lots of R R!
Takes of the sea, ships, and secret locations of treasure.



the Ratcatcher


And medieval to Tudor theatre specialist
Roger the Ratcatcher brings actual
tavern tricks and performances to the stage arena,
in the market place, a courtyard, or great hall.



Gimley the Naughty
Christmas Elf


He lives opposite the Santa Claus' house, and has lots
of stories about the tricks he has played, is he naughty?
The children decide, as they get to meet a real naughty elf
with an answer for everything!
Very interactive, very funny, very loud.

Historical characters can be
created for your festival and more
than one character can make
an appearance.



Billy Bushranger


With the stories of Ben Hall and Ned Kelly to
back up the comedy. Lots of laughter,
with the scariest of bushrangers,
"Bail up put your hands in the air fun!"